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At Befuy your Instagram followers become your customers

Earn money on partner programs of e-shops, promoting on Befuy the goods your Instagram audience is interested in

Participation is easy:

  1. Join to affiliate program like Amazon or AliExpress and obtain tracking ID for your personal storefront at Befuy.
  2. Sign In Befuy.com
  3. Create your personal storefront to resell products.
  4. Find interesting goods on the affiliate marketplace and add it or import to your storefront.
  5. Place the link to your Befuy storefront in your Instagram profile.
  6. Encourage your Instagram audience to visit the page.
  7. Get profits selling affiliate products at Befuy storefront

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The best place to sell products and services to your Instagram audience

Why Befuy

At Befuy you make the most of the only link allowed in your Instagram profile. Your target Instagram audience comes to your Befuy storefront page and can conveniently buy the displayed products and services. The whole process is clear and reliable, so your Instagram followers willingly become your customers.

The best place to sell hundreds of products and services to your Instagram audience

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