We heartily welcome you to our site and hope to be of trustworthy service personally to you!

At Befuy we are truly concerned about your privacy and do our best to provide you with a secure online experience. Therefore, we suggest considering our Privacy Policy in order to better understand what we do with the information provided by our visitors, users and partners. We offer the description of policies and procedures of collecting information at Befuy and display the ways the collected information can be used and disclosed.

To begin with, we want to mention that the Befuy Services are supposed to be used by grown-up people of 18 and older.

What kind of information do we actually collect?

As most of the websites do, we collect certain personal, general and technical information from our visitors, users and partners:

-          Information of personal nature: your name, e-mail address and other contact and identity confirming information.

-          General information: your interests, preferences, needs, requirements etc.

-          Technical information: your device, operating system, network connection, IP address, type of browser, exit pages, visited areas, time of visit, etc.

How and what for is the collected information used at Befuy?

We assure you that all the information provided by our visitors, users and partners is processed and used by Befuy only for operating the service and for further improvement of its quality in order to create a comfortable user-friendly experience.

These are the main purposes we use the collected information for:

-          enabling the users’ signing-up

-          confirming the orders of the customers

-          accurate and secure invoice issuing

-          estimation of the customer’s needs

-          notifying the customer of products and services

-          considering the customers’ requests and answering their questions

-          setting the users’ accounts

-          newsletters and alerts mailing

-          optimizing the content, bettering the quality of our service and accomplishing the overall marketing results

-          research and consideration of the trends

Why are cookies used at Befuy?

Using cookies is a generally accepted practice at most websites. A web or browser cookie is a bit of data that is normally sent from a visited website to your browser. The cookie (sometimes called identifier) is stored in your browser while you are using the site. It remembers some of the information you enter (e.g. your logging in data, such as the email address and, if you consent to it, your password). It can record some of your actions at the website (pages you visit, buttons you click, items you add to your shopping cart, etc). So next time you return to the site you are easily identified and offered a more convenient way of further browsing the website. Moreover, you can be served customized advertisements that correspond to your interests.

Likewise, Befuy uses cookies for recognizing your device and collecting other technical data and some general information about your online interests and preferences. As a result, we are able to provide you with a more personalized experience of using our website.

Can the collected information be disclosed?

Your personal information collected at Befuy will never be shared, sold, rented, disclosed or provided in any other way to third party companies for the purpose of marketing their products or services.

We should mention, however, that we may share your information with a third party in case of investigation, prevention or taking other actions in situations concerning violations of our Terms of Service, illegal activities, fraudulent operations, threats to a person’s safety, or in other cases required by law.

Except for the cases when it is required by law Befuy will not disclose your personal information without receiving your consent.

What security measures are taken at Befuy?

Security of your personal information is the point of peculiar concern at Befuy. That is why all the information regarded as confidential (credit card number, etc) is thoroughly encoded with the help of SSL. The information is secured from unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, improper use and accidental loss. However, Befuy cannot absolutely guarantee that unauthorized third parties will not somehow attempt to damage the protecting measures and use your information in an inappropriate way.

We claim all the feedback (as, for example, your success stories, comments, responses) to become Befuy’s property that implies the possibility of using it for the purpose of marketing.

Please keep in mind that any information you place in public areas within Befuy (as, for example, when leaving a comment)  can be easily accessed, collected and used by a third party in a way that is not under our control. Remember about it when deciding to post any personal information in the public areas.

We would also like to state that you will reserve all the rights to the personal information you provide at Befuy and you will be able to easily access it and make the necessary corrections and alterations of any inaccurate and incomplete personal information or delete it anytime you wish.

If you have more questions as to information security at Befuy or you feel like removing your personal information from our database, do not hesitate to contact us

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